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It's important to acknowledge that Tantra is a complex and sacred art that requires years of dedication and practice to truly understand and embody.

As a discipline, I am not qualified to teach Tantra traditionally, I would never disrespect those who have put in the work. However, I can provide general information about Tantra's history, principles, and practices for educational purposes.

Tantra is a spiritual and philosophical system that originated in ancient India. It encompasses a range of practices and beliefs, but generally, Tantra is concerned with the transformation of energy, consciousness and the attainment of spiritual enlightenment.

One of the core principles of Tantra is that the physical body is a vehicle for spiritual awakening. Therefore, many tantric practices involve physical exercises like yoga, meditation, and breathwork. Tantra also emphasizes the importance of the connection between the body, mind, and spirit and between individuals and the divine.

However, it's important to note that Tantra is often misunderstood and misrepresented in popular culture. Tantra is not solely focused on sexual practices, despite the common association with it. While Tantra does acknowledge the power of sexuality and sensuality, it's viewed as a small part of a much larger system. 'Neo-Tantra' (modern day Tantra) seems to be sex focused which is why I steer clear of it because anyone who knows anything about Tantra knows that most Tantra being taught these days are glorifying the Tantric sex for the ticket sales, and not the principles.

Tantra workshops and classes are often taught by self-proclaimed spiritual 5-min influencers in their mid-20s who prioritize sexualization and seek attention by flashing their fanny on platforms like Instagram for followers. Interestingly, many proclaimed Tantra teachers I have learned with or from have exhibited unstable behaviour and carry deep unresolved emotional traumas. And they actually hide their wounds behind spirituality. They may have had a few enlightening experiences, leading them to believe they can take you on the journey to achieve enlightenment but trust me - they have rarely have done the work! The teachers who changed my life have been the ones I least expected and offered the least hype or excitement.

This is the difference between chips and chocolate and broccoli and green beans!

Tantra is about weaving energy and creating a deep connection between you and your partner or yourself. Here are some tips for practising tantric sex through masturbation and with a partner.

Benefits of Practicing Tantra

Learning and practising Tantra can help you become more in tune with your body, enhance how your body feels pleasure, intensify your orgasms, and channel energy throughout your body. You can also get to know your partner's body better and create a more harmonious bond. Practising Tantra can make you more spiritually present and physically aware, explore more profound aspects of your personality, and help you truly know yourself (and your partner) inside and out.

Practicing Your Tantric Intention:

  1. Begin with a clear mindset to allow yourself to connect with your soul, mind, and body - this is not about performing but about feeling.

  2. Step out of your comfort zone and learn more about yourself.

  3. Spend 10 to 15 minutes meditating to prepare your mind for Tantra.

  4. Seek a teacher to help you (or you and your partner) learn more about the practice of Tantra.

  5. Listen closely to your partner and any hesitation or questions they may have, and respect their decision.

  6. Spend 30 minutes a day journaling to reflect on your experiences.

Practicing Your Tantric Mind:

Since Tantra is a spiritual practice, your mind plays as much a role as your body. Here is a simple breathwork exercise to try to get prepped for tantra practice:

  1. Breathe gently down into your lower back and belly for 15 to 30 minutes.

  2. Focus intently on what is going on in your mind.

  3. Gently stretch for a few minutes, clearing your mind and breathing deeply and consciously as you go and easing away any negative thoughts.

Preparing Your Tantric Space:

Having a relaxed, calm environment is critical for helping you thoroughly enjoy the journey of Tantra. Try the following tips to ensure your space is set up properly for tantra practice:

  1. Keep your room at a comfortable temperature.

  2. Use candles or tinted light bulbs to give the room a sensual, soft touch.

  3. Burn incense, light a candle, or diffuse your favourite essential oil to add a sexy, enjoyable (not overwhelming) scent to the room.

  4. Use plush cushions or a throw pillow to soften the space.

  5. Play music to set a sexual, romantic vibe.

Connecting Your Pleasure Body:

Whether alone or with a partner, it is essential to prep your body for tantra practice. Along with preparing your mind and space, try these tips for preparing your body:

  1. Give yourself a full-body massage using your favourite lotion or oil. You can also have your partner massage you. Focus on your inner thighs, groin, neck, arms, legs, belly, and chest.

  2. Take time to explore your genitals by touching yourself in new ways, using different strokes, changing your speed, and using harder or softer touches.

  3. Breathe deeply and slowly during masturbation and meditation.

  4. Be fully present and allow yourself to focus intently on the different sensations you feel.

  5. Allow yourself to experience your emotions fully.

  6. Tap into your inner energy and power.

  7. Set an intention (anything from feeling more comfortable in your skin, connecting with yourself, experiencing an orgasm, or building self-love).

  8. If with a partner, enjoy a shower together, look into each other's eyes as you sit directly across from

In conclusion, this brief overview has provided general insight into Tantra's history, principles, and practices. It's vital to approach Tantra with respect and a willingness to learn from authentic sources and to remember that it's not solely focused on sexuality but a holistic system for spiritual transformation, and my biggest tip to start to experience the beginnings of Tantric sex is to experience slow touch and slow sex and if you think you're going slow - GO SLOWER!


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