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dating after 40

These days the divorce rate is high & statistics show that now people spend more years of their adult lives single than married, so more and more people are looking for love after 40. Is looking for a relationship easier or harder after 40? Men and women probably have different experiences.

Dating advice for men after 40

Now you are more sophisticated, experienced and established. Younger men generally don't have the wisdom, knowledge and skills that you have, so it's actually more likely for you to find a good relationship.

When you take a date to your place, make sure that she sees a nice environment which indicates your elegant taste. You don't necessarily need an expensive house/apartment, but your home has to look right. Does your environment make a woman feel relaxed and comfortable? If you need help here ask your sister or friend for some guidance.

I understand that maybe most of your friends are in relationships, so you don't have a lot of single friends to go out with. But you can do the group version of the activities that you already do. For example, instead of learning boxing from a personal trainer, you should join a yoga class where many single women are also there!

Dating advice for women after 40

A recent survey shows that the majority of single women in their 40s either have children already or don't plan to have children anymore. As a result, if you are a single woman in your 40s, chances are you have the freedom to enjoy true love - Now you don't have to worry about who is the best candidate as the father of your future children, so you can basically date whoever you want! Even if he is 20 years younger than you, so what?! Isn't this liberating?!

My friend Theresa is 41 years old. Her new boyfriend Tony is 22 years old. People ask her, "10 years from now, you'll be 51 and he will be 32. Do you think he will still be with you at that time?"

Theresa says, "Even if he leaves me at that time, I'll still have had a beautiful, enjoyable and satisfying relationship with him for 10 years. There is no regret."

I really like her answer and the way she thinks, even though I know lots of women would expect their relationships to last forever.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you should totally have Theresa's belief system. Also, I don't think Tony will definitely leave Theresa in 10 years because Theresa is such an interesting, attractive and intelligent woman.

My point is: If you are a single woman in your 40s, you actually have more options, not less!


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