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female attraction

How does attraction work? In today's blog post, I'm going to share with you how attraction actually works so you will know what to do when it comes to dating and relationships in the future! Men's experience of attraction

Because men and women experience attraction differently, I'd like to explain the differences clearly here. Let's have a look at men's experience of attraction first as it's relatively simple!

Basically, men's experience of attraction is binary. He either feels attracted to her or not. It's a bit like switching on/off a light which is either on or off. When a man sees a woman, he either feels attracted to this woman or not. It's very direct and straightforward.

Women's experience of attraction

By contrast, women's experience of attraction is actually in flux. A woman slowly feels attracted to a man. She gradually becomes less and less attracted to a guy. A woman's experience of attraction is literally like the dimmer because she either slowly becomes more attracted or gradually becomes less attracted. Obviously, it's definitely not either on or off.

To be more exact, a woman feels attracted to a guy based on a range of values, e.g., How confident is this guy? How calm is this guy? Her personal experience with him... That is to say, female attraction is mostly determined by a man's behaviour.

A message to modern men and women

If a guy doesn't feel attracted to a woman at the beginning, it's harder to change his decision (but it's possible).

In contrast, there is so much more a man can do to make a woman become attracted to him. As long as he knows how to show her attractive behaviour consistently, he can attract her over time.

Here is why I emphasise the power of attractive behaviour rather than what you actually say to a woman: Women trust the negative information they observe more than the positive information men tell them, as women favour safety over risk most of the time.


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