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Erotic Embodiment Professional Teacher Training

a 10 month comprehensive and balanced approach, encompassing grounded theory and professional hands-on practice.

By Application

The training offers an advanced facilitation and specific methodologies, ensuring you're fully prepared to lead workshops, retreats, group programs, and individual sessions, both in-person and online, allowing you to establish a resilient yet adaptable business framework.

Promote your current coaching, healing, or therapy practice to a new pinnacle of mastery by embarking on your own pleasure awakening journey (and extending this knowledge to your clients).

Learn alongside my own expertise and highly-respected professionals from diverse fields of sexuality in Australia and Internationally will also be contributing their knowledge and insights to enrich your learning experience.

Generate an income and lifestyle tailored to your preferences, engaging in work you're passionate about. This enables you to serve pleasure and sexual liberation effortlessly from a place of deep, heart-centred dedication.

Due to the limited availability of spots and this profession demands specific qualities, so please take your time when filling out the application form. It's important to note that the training is a notable 5-figure investment. While we offer payment plans, enrolling promptly will allow you to secure a more advantageous payment arrangement.


Applications for the January 2025 program are now open.

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Program Curriculum

​In this training, you will delve into various subjects, each meticulously crafted to empower you as a facilitator and educator in this vital profession.

  • Consent and Safety: Understand the crucial aspects of consent and creating a safe environment.

  • Trauma Support: Develop a comprehensive understanding of trauma and its impact on sexuality.

  • Aftercare: Learn about the importance emotional and physical well-being after sessions.

  • Fascia Releasing: Learn about the role of fascia to release tension.

  • Women's Practices: Explore specialised practices tailored to women's unique experiences and needs, addressing menstrual health, hormonal balance, and ways to enhance feminine vitality.

  • Erotic Embodiment: Explore techniques and practices to deepen your connection with your body, cultivating a heightened self-awareness and embracing your sensual essence.

  • Embodiment Meditation:  Designed to connect your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Bodywork: Delve into the nuances of male pleasure, learning about anatomy, techniques, and communication strategies to enhance intimate experiences to promote healthy connections.

  • Intimacy and Sex: Delve into the dynamics of intimacy and sex, exploring the emotional and physical aspects contributing to fulfilling and deeply connected experiences.

  • Facilitation: Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively facilitate discussions, workshops, and sessions on topics related to sexuality and pleasure. Learn how to create a safe and inclusive space, guide meaningful conversations, and support individuals in their exploration and growth.

Each subject is thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive and empowering learning experience, helping you encourage a deeper connection with your sensuality and supporting others in their journey. Subject may change without notice. 


Professional Recommendations

"Wala is the real deal – she knows her stuff better than most sexuality educators in Australia, and she has a wealth of experience. She’s grounded, and wise and she says it like it is. She guides her clients masterfully, helping them to become empowered in their lives and their relationships. She takes a stand for integrity and has a heart of gold. What she teaches is rock solid, and she has a better understanding of consent than anyone. If you want the best for your relationship, you need to work with the best. And that’s Wala."

International Female Pleasure Educator, founder of Embodied Female Pleasure™ and Orgasmic Confidence™

"I do not endorse teachers easily because I am not one to be easily impressed. However, if real is what you are after, real is what you are going to get with Wala. She doesn’t mix words and she is excellent at translating the whoo-whoo into relatable terms and comes from a place of lived experience. She's doesn't seek the spotlight, but that doesn't diminish her influence, as a teacher. Her knowledge and connections are not to be underestimated."

A renowned Professional Dominatrix for close to 30 years. Specialising in Impact Play, Sensory Deprivation, CBT, NT and Anal Play.

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