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Sex can heal or hurt people and this is why...

Let's have a look at these choices when it comes to health:

  1. Fast Food – quick, cheap, handy… but not healthy;

  2. Gourmet Food – food prepared with great care and can be very simple, but high-quality ingredients is used.

Which type of meal leaves you feeling better?

There are two types of sex as well.

  1. Junk food sex is just like fast food – quick, and convenient, but you know you'll be hungry again because it'll do, yet it's not satisfying. It's more like scratching an itch than nourishing the body.

  2. Deeply connected sex is similar to gourmet food. It's the journey that counts; every bite is simple but meaningful; the healthy and loving connection makes sex amazingly satisfying!

How to make sex more powerful:

Suppose you are a guy reading this blog post. In that case, I'd like you to remember that whenever you penetrate a woman, you are literally inside another person's body deeply. Please think beyond the pleasure of sex and the sensation by honouring that a vagina can and should be considered highly sacred. When hearts are connected, sex is the closest thing to oneness you can experience, or you're merely doing 'in and out sex', AKA junk food McDick sex!

A woman can have physical needs and want junk food sex every now and again, but trust me, she will get bored of it quickly. Her heart is connected to her sex, which means every time you enter her sex, you also enter her heart. Without the heart, you can have good sex, but with the heart, you can have 'mind-blowing sex'.

Every time you enter her sex, you also enter her heart

When a woman is available, she feels everything when you penetrate her. All your energy is being passed on entirely and directly into her soul, which is physical, emotional and spiritual. As a result, you are responsible for entering her with total transparency of your intentions. When a woman's heart and body are open, she will desire a deeper connection. She will feel ways you may use her to avoid feeling your own emotions or the pain of avoiding commitment. She will feel the lies and stories you told her to get her into bed or the empty promises. Hence, you have to be mindful of this entire process. What's more, you must be aware of why you entered her sacred space in the first place. More importantly, you need to know what you're filling her body and soul up with - is it junk food or healthy gourmet sex?

One is full of empty calories and one is satisfying!

As I see it, sex is the ultimate union of masculine and feminine energy. It's also a sacred intersection of erotic polarities. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with reaching a certain orgasm, big dicks, squirting, trying a particular sex position, lasting for a certain period of time, any other KPI, or your self-worth - it's about your integrity!

Lastly, opening up a woman's body is about going deep… and deeper. It's not necessarily about going deep within her. It's probably more about going deep within yourself by understanding yourself, knowing who you really are, and being aware of why you are doing what you are doing. This is why men who work on improving themselves, own their shit, and whose actions match their words are more attractive. These men will experience the full expression of a sexually open woman - this is scary and exciting at the same time! And not a lot of men realise they can heal themselves or their partners through sex, which is what deeply connected sex is but you must bring your heart with you.

In conclusion, the deeper you can enter your own spirit, the deeper you can enter a woman's sex and her world.


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