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​Imagine how much your life would change if you maintained a loving intimate relationship,

without sacrificing YOUR happiness?

Meet Wala 


My speciality is teaching couples and singles to understand how and why relationships don't work or become confusing and disconnected.


Could it be possible that there is a simple RECIPE for a satisfying relationship? 


Fortunately, the answer is YES…. we will investigate the five key ingredients to intimate relating and, why people can become misaligned or misinformed creating confusion.

The Confusion

Have you ever experienced the following scenarios?

  • Feeling misunderstood

  • Feeling unappreciated

  • You wonder, what went wrong

  • You have the same argument over and over

  • A rinse and repeat sex life

You’re definitely not alone so, what are your choices?

  • Ignore the signs

  • Clinical marriage counselling

  • Cheating or affairs

  • Divorce or break-up

  • Be miserable

  • OR you can learn new skills...

If you don't make changes, you're destined to meet 'death by resentment'.

Your intimate relationship is paramount to happiness, so why wouldn't you want to learn more?

Reality Check

​Because you're human and not some scripted rom-com starring a charming but sexy Hugh Grant circa mid-2000s, you're doing the best you can with what you know.


Here are some things to think about:

  • High-quality intimacy rarely leads to a mismatched libido

  • If you both believe you are giving then who is actually receiving?

  • It's not easy to ask for what you want - period!

  • Going out for dinner is NOT date night

The two most common things couples say:

  • 'My partner doesn't ask for what they want' and;

  • 'My partner doesn't listen' - let that sink in!

Phew. That's a lot of self-reflection and haven't even told you who I am yet and how I can help!!

Work with Me

My name is Wala Truscott.


A Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Professional Touch Therapist and Bodyworker specialising in authentic relating.


But, I need to be straight up with you - ​

If you’re looking sex tips and tricks, ways to change or fix your partner or seeking a Tantric or Kundalini awakening as your answer - I’ll disappoint you every day of the week.

My style of teaching is genuinely open-hearted, well-grounded, realistic and humourous yet, brutally honest and without all the bullshit or the spiritual sugar-coating.


I am is also a certified teacher of Michaela Boehm’s Intimacy and Attraction Workshop™ and The Non-Linear Movement Method™ and is trained in Trauma-Informed Facilitation.

My Services




(Insightful & Informative)

Programmes and Events

(Embodied Learning)

Personalized Coaching

(Bodywork & Immersions)

I was comforted by Wala's welcoming and jovial personality. I felt comfortable enough to ask a humiliating question and my vulnerability was immediately put at ease by the way Wala responded to me. 


I could trust this chick.

K - 33

The session itself was an incredible eye-opener and made me think about things I do in my relationship that I’ve never considered, and now really want to. 

I honestly cannot recommend working with Wala enough. I cannot wait to continue.


N - 35

The Elixir of Love




When people do not speak the same language misunderstandings are inevitable.



Playfully dance 

between the poles of polarity to cultivate erotic tension, flirty fun and flavours.


(With Self)

Strip away all the expectation of being anyone but you. You can only love as deeply as you love yourself.


(With Body)

Increase confidence and skills on how to touch to create a loving connection both with yourself and others.



Conflict and change is a necessary and healthy part of relating. It is essential to learn how to create resolutions.

Lovers Masterclass

Stay Social


The Naked Truth


Banging On

My sharing comes from a place of personal experience, my thoughts and opinions, and what has worked for me. I do not claim to be an expert on anyone or anything, but me. 


Does anything I say have any scientific backup? Probably not! 

Do I drop the f-bomb? You better believe it.

Am I open to learning from other people? Absolutely.


Coming Soon!

“Thanks, today was a great eye-opener to not only in the physical sexual way but also in many other aspects of my life and relationships. And makes me look forward to putting into practice how to communicate better in receiving and giving. ”

C - 41

"Wala’s delivery is playful, non-intimidating and joyful. Her genuine love for people and desire to help them connect with pleasure is evident, and also infectious. She did a wonderful job of bringing together a room full of strangers, and holding a safe space in which we could reconnect with our senses and explore our sensuality."

J - 32

Oh Wala... you have no idea how the universe has helped me to connect with you & your work for the life-changing journey I’m already experiencing... & it takes a sexy minx to know one!... you’ve made me actually feel sexier through your touch therapy!

K - 48

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