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Sex Therapist

Hi, I'm Wala.

Firstly, I am not a therapist or marriage counsellor, by choice. I am a somatic sexologist and truth-telling educator, offering valuable insights into the dynamics of intimacy and attraction and why they either deepen or dwindle.


Sexual Satisfaction Explained

When was the last time you were touched in the exact way your body wanted to be touched? When was the last time you asked?

Let's be honest. You're here to...


  • stop the resentment;

  • stop the revolving conversation;

  • stop the boring sex;

  • stop the feeling of stuckness;


Without sexual tension, sex becomes a task


Ejaculation Training Guide

Would you like to manage premature or delayed ejaculation?

Tantra Adelaide

Things drives you nuts and kills the passion is when one partner...

  • doesn't feel desired

  • doesn't initiate or want sex

  • doesn't communicate

  • doesn't feel emotionally supported


And, both people have unmet needs

Uncomfortable conversations creates connection


The Relationship Recipe

events for singles and couples

Intimate Couple

Are you more like bestfriends than lovers?



Does the way you initiate sex suck?

Happy Relationship

Are you stuck in your head?

For individuals who identify as genderqueer, LGBTQIA+, or any other gender identities, please be aware that the majority of my clients are in male/female dynamics and use the words men/women and pronouns him/her/he/she to explain polarity.

"Wala you're the magic healing balm that we so desperately needed - we wished we had met you years ago!"
G & C - Married 28 yrs

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