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For me, sometimes the f-bomb fits with what I want to get across and it's naturally who I am when I speak, so why would I change that? If the f-bomb offends you, don't f*cking rock up!

• Why I drop the f-bomb:

I use it to highlight points that needs something to give it some oomph in what I am getting across. We're talking about sex and relationships, so being all nicely nice doesn't always work.

And one of the main things I bang on about is to STOP being polite in intimate relationships. So, if you feel that the F-bomb is unladylike.... well, f*cking good! – because being ladylike won't f*cking get you anywhere when we want equality. So, pick a f*cking lane! This is how I speak passionately, so I'm leaving my 'ladylike' for Sunday lunches with my mum's friends out of respect for what they can process, not because I wouldn't swear in front of them – I would.

For women that have had to hold their tongues, for the women that have been raised to be good girls and people pleasers, for the women that have had to be the right flavour for the right person and the right time, this is a little slice of permission that you can say whatever the f*ck you want in my teaching space.

I will welcome you, and your experiences, your tears, your shares, your emotions – I will welcome you feircely and whole-f*cking-heartedly.

I want to help you understand how to connect with people in a way that is fun, flirty and full of flavour and I'm really not sure if embracing your inner seductress, slut or wild women can be met by your man with asking in a wishy-washy manner like 'would be ok if you ....... but only if you want to, I don't want to impose'.... or 'babe, I'm horny, I want your d!ck so let's please f*ck'. I know which one is said with 'f*ck yes conviction'. One is hot, one is not!

• If you feel offended…

If you want mamby-pamby - don't f*cking rock up! Simple. I want women who want their needs met, who love s*x or want to love s*x, who love men and embracing their needs to be well f*cked! Men have hearts too but when you can communicate both cleanly and clearly the bedroom can be as dirty as you want it to be, and I can't stay that I've met a man who prefers for a woman not to be direct sexually - ever!

If you're offended by the word – get curious on why you are – social conditioning, behavioural patterns, religious or cultural upbringings. None are bad or wrong but just get curious so WHY this word causes you so much discomfort - it's just a f*cking word.

My intention is to guide you to embrace all of your sexual needs, whatever that looks like to you. I am here to guide to give less f*cks on what your s*x life 'should' look like and more f*cks to what feels good for you and being able to express and ask for that so that you get what you need.

Start talking about getting your F*ck-on becuase I'm calling all the Wild Women of Adelaide to come and learn more about how to be well-f*cked women because I am yet to meet a well-f*cked woman who wasn't living her best life!

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