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The Available Woman

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Being an Available Woman has nothing to do with big tits, pouty lips, ample hips, flawless skin, expensive clothes and shoes or a bikini body!

There is a hidden or unrealised erotic energy within some women waiting to be unleashed, run wild, and free. Yet for many reasons, there is a restraint on these women to ask for what they want, so they haven’t fully received the pleasures they are yearning within.

The Free Man

The Free Man is for men only! And only for men who genuinely want to communicate with real women with more confidence, integrity and conviction.


You do not have to be unhappy in your relationship or even single. It may be that you are in a relationship and feel reasonably happy with it. This event is still for you if you are looking to grow and mature!

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The Intimacy & Attraction Practice Evening

The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® presents a set of techniques and exercises for inviting presence, connecting through the heart, and exploring the play of masculine and feminine for strong attraction.

Created by Michaela Boehm and Steve James

Generosity and Kindness

The Erotic Woman

As women, our sensuality and sexuality have the power to be a gateway to our essential feminine nature, to nourish our hearts, bodies and souls like nothing else!