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To be a fully expressed sexual woman, we need safety; without that, we cannot show up the way you want us to.
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Think of a woman's sexual energy like water: it flows best when it has boundaries, and unless she's able to voice those boundaries, trust me when I say "she's most likely just going along with things" because it's easier. Creating a safe and supportive space helps you to embrace your true self and let your energy flourish, but without it, we quite often shut down both in the heart and the body.

She needs to notice, value, trust and then communicate her needs, but first, she must be able to read her body's signals.

Tuning into your body is all about paying attention to what it's telling you. It's not just about being in your body but truly feeling and responding to your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.

By listening to your body, you can find balance and harmony. This means recognising when you feel tense, tired, or happy and understanding how to respond to these feelings.

But if all she does all day is worrying about everyone else, then don't be surprised when she gets to sexy times, she has no idea what she wants - how can she? - life is not about her (especially her pleasure body), so sex becomes just another task.

Women learn through sharing and understanding.

Creating a meaningful relationship starts with understanding your own body. Knowing how your energy levels work helps you genuinely connect with yourself and your partner. By honouring all that your body tells you and being present, you can build deeper trust with yourself. This also involves recognising how daily stress and societal pressures can disconnect you from your body. Learning to relax and enjoy the subtle sensations in your body can enhance your confidence and satisfaction in intimate relationships. Women actually learn more about sex through resonance and mimicking other women, so find yourself a good women's circle & show up - you'll be surprised how relaxed you’ll feel just by being around supportive women who aren’t there to gossip or judge.

A well-fucked woman is relaxed in her body, sharp in her thoughts, full in her heart and expresses herself authentically, but without safety and support, you'll have rigid, defensive women who don't know what they want....just look around and you tell me what the world is full of?

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