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"She is too emotional," says a male client, "I can't handle her outbursts."

"The depth of a woman's emotions is not to be feared but to be seen as a reflection of her heart," I explain what's happening to him, "Men feel everything that women feel, but women tend to express their feelings and emotions more frequently; however, if she's having outbursts that are outside of her normal disposition, it can mean one of two things, but the main one is, it's a cry for help. She feels unprotected, alone, invisible, unsupported, exhausted or empty. Her heart needs to be penetrated if her expression comes as an outburst."

Let me explain.

  • Loving a woman to her core depth will give you the hottest and most energetic sex.

The prerequisite of full female sexual expression is safety, i.e., when a woman feels loved and protected (no matter what), she'll feel safe enough to express herself fully sexually. Let me give you some typical examples.

Example 1: When she tells you her weird fears and concerns, please don't judge her or tell her that her feelings are stupid or not warranted - she will stop telling you things because she'll feel judged by you - she doesn't feel safe when she is with you. Consequently, her body and her legs will close.

Example 2: If you take a back seat in the relationship, she is then made to make most of the decisions without your support. You might tell yourself, 'happy wife, happy life,' when in fact, she feels alone or unsupported outside of the bedroom. She can't be turned on in the bedroom because women's sexuality is contextual – If you aren't driving the train in the relationship, the sexual attraction will also take a back seat, just like you do. Your ability to make good decisions, be decisive, take charge and reduce the number of decisions her emotionally hormonal body has to make, the more attractive she will naturally find you.

  • How to penetrate her outside of the bedroom:

Having sex in the kitchen or on the couch can be extremely hot. But the concept of "penetrating her outside of the bedroom" is more than having sex in the living room while the curtains are open.

Penetrating her outside of the bedroom means penetrating her heart, her dreams, and her wants as a human (not just a partner, mother, daughter and friend), giving her full support, true love, genuine care and 100% relationship certainty so that she knows that you've got her back even when she's irrational with the fluctuation of hormones, overwhelm and stress of juggling life/kids/work/household – you are a modern man who sees her for all aspects, not just the ones you benefit from.

Here are some examples of penetrating her outside of the bedroom:

Example 1: When she comes home after work and needs to tell you something that affected her mood at work, you let her get it out of her head without judging her or giving her a solution immediately. Then you say to her, "I've got your back. We are in this together." Now she feels loved and supported by you – that's a huge turn-on. Quite often, we need a little pushback, too - we need you to lovingly show us when we are out of line or allow other people to affect us because we are emotional and can't see what's in our faces. It takes a well-grounded and deeply loving man to be able to point this out because it hurts, but it will also make us feel safe that you can see what we can't, and you are strong enough to inform us with an open heart because you care, not because we're silly or incompetent.

Example 2: When she asks you to make a decision, you make an informed decision that is best for the relationship (not for yourself). Now she is turned on because she knows you are an alpha male. The more you can reduce decisions, the easier it is for women to be able to get into their bodies and OUT of their heads. We're the emotional and hormonal ones, and it's been proven that men who make logical and practical decisions faster are naturally more sexually attractive - so make them and leave 'laid back and easygoing' for your mother.

If you want to learn to unleash her sexually, please watch this space because I will introduce my life-changing coaching program, "The Free Man", very soon. 😉


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