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The importance of relationships (both sexual and platonic)

Research shows that every mental illness has something to do with human relationships. That means relationships (both sexual and platonic) are necessities rather than luxuries.

  • Why social media keeps us connected as well as disconnected:

A major study indicates that modern people are significantly lonelier than previous generations. Japan and the United Kingdom have a Minister of Loneliness, which is not a joke. Scientists claim that loneliness is just as harmful as smoking. Further examination reveals that social media is why people are so lonely nowadays.

And social media is NOT helping.

Social media gives us virtual online interactions; consequently, we need more human interactions. Online connections can't replace real-life connections, but internet interactions have become the only source of intimacy and connection for many people. This is sad but true.

Everyone needs connection. Unfortunately, there are more effective ways to give you real connections than social media. Using social media is often just like walking alone in a busy/crowded street – you feel lonelier.

  • How to approach dating:

I know dating is hard.

However, every romantic relationship starts somewhere.

Hence, you must start dating if you're proactively seeking true love.

I want to encourage you to start seeing green flags (not just red ones) because a positive mindset will make dating easier for you!

In order to find quality, quantity certainly matters. If you choose one out of one option, chances are it's a lousy choice. In contrast, if you choose one out of many options, you are more likely to find the right person in record time. Therefore, you would be well-advised to be an opportunity snatcher – no matter if it's online dating or offline dating.

If you use an online dating website or a dating app, please talk to suitable candidates on the phone as quickly as possible so that you can have honest conversations early and filter people efficiently. After the phone call, you should meet them in person within a short period of time to have fundamental real-life interactions and figure out whether that's the right person.

As I see it, the most common mistake regarding online dating is chatting with someone for weeks or months without meeting them in person – that could be a waste of time because, realistically, you don't even know what that person is like.

  • Humans need relationships – both sexual and platonic.

Sexual relationships can make us feel tremendously satisfied – this is very well-known.

Nonetheless, even if you aren't looking for a romantic relationship or aren't even interested in a sexual relationship, you still need platonic relationships to nurture your well-being because connection is an essential human need.

If you want to improve your connection with others (including a sexual relationship with a romantic partner), please don't hesitate to chat with me on Facebook.


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