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These days many 'new age' things are trendy, but I'm not convinced. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against spirituality and I have many personal spiritual practices. But, I know that spiritual promises are not helpful when it comes to exploring sexuality and looking to improve skills in bed, well not as the initial first step anyway.

• What is helpful is well-grounded, real and realistic skills = practicality and sustainable.

As a practical person, I always prefer an approach that can help people implement real skills in real life. Since I speak from an everyday perspective (f-bombs included), it's easy for people to resonate what I say, and I'm very confident in my work and what I do. There's no fucking use trying to create some Kundalini high-vibrational cosmic orgasmic state with your partner after some Tantric guru told you they exist when you're barely connecting on 'here and now' level.

• Learning how to improve your skills in bed is supposed to be a full-bodied experience. I teach by three methods: we engage with the topic, we study the topic, and then we activate through the body with practices. That means teaching & learning skills in bed is actually a full-bodied experience and not just theory. For example, you can read a recipe and imagine what it tastes like or you can read the recipe, understand the methods of the recipe and then actually cook and enjoy the recipe!

One is a theory, and one is a full-bodied experience. Now, before you get all freaked out NO, you don't need to have sex to learn about sex, but you do have to experience the four kinds of touch so you can be a better lover. Anything too spiritual or overly clinical is usually too far away from most individuals' reality, it creates more confusions. I use everyday mainstream language in every session to make sure that people can fully understand how to execute what they have learned after the session.

• Learning bedroom skills can be simple and fun!

As I see it, spiritual and tantric promises might make you feel good temporarily and at that moment. But that approach has missed the point of something sustainable – learning bedroom skills needs to be more than feeling good right now; it's about having new capabilities to savour tantalizing pleasure and live a love life on your terms. Therefore, I choose to make things simple and doable. I would argue that learning bedroom skills are the most exciting thing in the world because it makes you sensually alive, physically satisfied and mentally healthy (very therapeutic)!

You can thrive in love and life if you stop worrying about having to do weird spiritual practices that take you nowhere and start looking to learn practical skills that can benefit your love life forever.


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