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In most marriages or relationships, what is the most common elephant in the room?






Mind games?

Statistics shows that although money is the most common elephant in the room for most couples in developed countries, sex is the most common elephant in the room for couples all over the world. 😲

Isn’t this interesting? Technically, sex is the primary factor which makes a romantic relationship more than a friendship because without sex, a relationship is simply a friendship. Yet in reality, most couples around the world have difficulty talking about sex! 😵

  • The importance of awareness:

Realistically, a lot of couples don’t even know they have a problem about sex or one person is ignoring it, avoiding it or in denial. Some couples know they have a sex problem; however, they can’t talk about it as it’s a topic that is often shamed by one for wanting, desiring or wanting to be desired or they're sick of having the same conversation over and over again. Unfortunately, avoiding a topic only makes people more likely to be unaware of it in their daily life.

In contrast, being aware of a problem already helps couples to solve that problem because at least they know the problem exists – they actually acknowledge the issue.

Lack of awareness is more dangerous than lack of knowledge.

  • The power of uncomfortable conversations:

Research shows that couples who learn together stay together because attending workshops about sex can open up conversations and improve sex just by talking about it, this in turn creates erotic friction, playfulness, curiosity and adds flavour.

Truthfully, no one can read your mind. If you keep your partner guessing, please don’t blame your partner for being unable to know what you want or understand you! Note that it is your responsibility to communicate your needs to your partner effectively and efficiently. Your partner is not responsible for your happiness; you are 100% responsible for your 50% of your relationship. That being said, it doesn’t mean you should blame yourself because you only did what you could with what you knew at that time! Frankly, some people can't order off of a menu that don't exist - so how do we know what's on the menu or update and outdated menu?

  • Answers and insights into sexual attraction:

On Sunday 11th September 2022, we are going to have an event called Answers and Insights into Sexual Attraction which is designed for the dating, the divorced & the devoted who would like to understand why and how sexual attraction in romantic relationships either deepen or dwindle.

If sex in your intimate relationship is boring or non-existent, you would be well-advised to join this event in my studio where I help you and a group of individuals to better understand sex and relationships.

It's fun, funny and most of informative with realistic answers and practical insights into all things sex, arousal and pleasure - link is below!

See you on Sunday afternoon!

Big hugs and big loves,


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