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Many men and women have read romantic novels and seen Hollywood movies. Therefore, when they look for a partner, they think they’re “looking for a soulmate” – that’s understandable.

  • Wait… Do you have depth and soul?

If you don’t live a purposeful life and simply allow your life to be on auto-pilot every single day, perhaps you don’t really have a soul:

Without career goals, hopes and dreams, hobbies and interests, where is your depth of your soul?

When you are genuinely passionate about something, you actually have a depth and soul. That can be a satisfying job that you truly love, an amazing author that you totally admire or a stimulating activity or hobby that you want to do each week.

Someone who has a soul brings tremendous passion to everything they do.

  • You will meet your soulmate when you have a soul.

If you love fitness, you might meet your soulmate in a boxing class at the gym. Maybe you like music – you may meet your soulmate next month at a concert.

That is to say, when you actually have depth, you’ll probably meet your soulmate when you’re doing the group version of the activity that you deeply enjoy.

As you have a soul, you’re a very interesting individual who organically attracts people. You are a people magnet, so you surely have options in dating and relationships. Remember: When you choose one out of one option, it’s oftentimes a pretty lousy choice; nevertheless, when you choose one out of many options, it’s much more likely to be a wonderful choice. In other words, in dating & relationships, in order to find quality, quantity definitely matters.

  • Don’t stop nurturing your soul.

If you’ve found your soulmate, it doesn’t mean you can stop nurturing your soul from now on. Everyone is supposed to be self-responsible for their own happiness and wellbeing without expecting their partner to act like they do (which creates obligation and disappointment). It’s very important to show your depth and have your partner love you for who you are (not who they want you to be). There are a large number of people wanting their partners to want what they want and they get disappointed or feel unloved (which is not true). Having depth and soul is what creates difference, freedom and flavour to sex and connection.

Over many years, I’ve been finding a lot of people reaching out whose partner has no soul, no sex drive, no communication skills; consequently, we find ourselves in loving relationships but they're bored & they yearn for deeper connection, deeper relationships and MUCH deeper sex.

We can't be having the same relationships that we had 20 years ago, it's just not going to cut it. As we grow and mature out relationships need to grow and mature with us.

Having a soul is absolutely paramount: It’s not only good for your health & wellbeing, but also good for your love life.


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