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Esther Perel famously said, "You can live without sex, but not without touch."

Yes, touch is a miraculous healer. It works wonders physically, psychologically and emotionally.

As a certified Somatic Sexologist, I’ve studied human sexual life & relationships and specialise in the physical dimension of human sexual life as opposed to the mental aspects. Now I’d like to show you how you can benefit from Sexological Bodywork.

• You will take full responsibility for yourself and your sexual development.

Because the power in Sexological Bodywork truly lies in YOU, the recipient of the therapy, you will start to take full responsibility for your own sexuality. Growth begins from your ability to look closely at your current lifestyle and how you operate to create the results you’re currently getting. That’s the prerequisite of healing through Sexological Bodywork which is only for individuals who are actually ready for change and growth.

• It’s a holistic approach.

Somatic Sexology (Bodywork) addresses many aspects of sexuality, e.g. intimacy and attraction, general sexual education, embodiment training (increasing awareness of sensations in your body), the art of giving and receiving physical pleasure, understanding and exploring erotic pleasures, mapping (informational, emotional & sensations mapping of those intimate areas alive with pleasure potential), Orgasmic Yoga practice (mindful masturbation) and porn addiction.

Special sessions are also designed for virgins to help them learn, explore and discover the marvels of physical intimacy. This approach is very inclusive.

Please note that Sexological Bodywork is NOT sex servicing. It is a therapeutic process which empowers you in a safe and enjoyable way.

You’ll complete an extensive initial survey which includes a clear statement of your intention and desired personal outcome from the Sexological Bodywork session, so that your practitioner can understand which area(s) to focus on for you. The practitioner is fully dressed throughout the session.

• The life-changing magic of this therapy:

Persons receiving this unique form of therapy will be guided by the practitioner in the acquisition of the specific skills necessary for expanding their own awareness of the bodies and sensations of physical pleasure, directing their own erotic development and working through their own particular sexual issues and concerns.

During the session, a variety of instructive methods are used to assist with self-exploration, including breath work, touch, sound and movement, erotic massage, embodiment training, mapping, talk therapy and Orgasmic Yoga coaching – mindful masturbation.


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