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To the man who changed my life,

As I’m typing this letter, the candlelight on the desk is mixed with our favourite scent – fruity and sweet. Smell, like taste, is one of the strongest provocations of memory, and the candle lit up my heart like a torch.

What I love about us...

Our multi-dimensional relationship is built on transparency and truth, even when it hurts. It’s built on unconditional support & wanting nothing but the best for each other, even if that means moving across the other side of the world. It’s built on communication without convincing. (Frankly, if you need to convince someone to love you, they already don’t love you; if you need to convince someone to respect you, they don’t respect you and never will.)

This romance is built on what we can give more than what we can get. In love and in life, you taught me that we can only get what we give. We become what we give.

When I met you, I was in a dark place, I couldn't trust anyone fully and I felt broken, but you were able to see past that, which was very different from most people’s reaction, who just labelled me as fucked up. You were able to show me the kind of patience that I needed for my heart to slowly heal and you had this insight even when the situation is messy. I’m eternally grateful for what you’ve done for me in our relationship.

Is our relationship like a disney movie....nope!

We are about love and laughter as well as pain and tears. Truthfully, no one can have love and light without pain and darkness. Indeed, it is only well-grounded individuals who appreciate, respect and honour all sides of life and love can fully support each other no matter what life throws at them. That is love.

We both know how we have supported each other through the dark and what we would do for each other.

You have your friends and I have mine; you have your interests and I have mine. We are about expansion and growth (far and wide) rather than confining and control. Our love is not disguised with any sort of manipulation; we never have to question our motives – we’re here to support and walk through life together as love but as separate souls, because we all are individual people, too – that is what makes us unique.

I want to acknowledge you and thank you, because as you held my hand, you healed my heart - you changed my life.

I love you.

P.S. Thank you for being there for me when I have no crutch for the emotions spilling through me and ugly cry. That is a part of love, an aspect of life and a dimension of me.


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