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The word intimacy is truly misunderstood.

My definition of intimacy is when two (or more) people come together and share a connection from a place of generosity, by giving a gift to one another that is not necessarily confined to a bedroom or your intimate partner.

Fancy a bit of intimacy in your local supermarket? (yes, really) Seeing a person struggle to reach something on a shelf and helping them, allowing someone to go ahead of you at the check-out because they only have a few items or returning the idle chit chat with the person serving you, are all ways you can create an intimate moment for a completely random someone. The person whom you’re sharing your generosity with will not only feel seen, they will also feel a sense of nurturing kindness. It’s these sensations that create intimacy. Who would have thought that you can find it in every aisle and every day...? *mind blown right!*

This kind of intimacy is that little pop of ‘well that felt nice’ and you probably make someone smile. This is what I call a ‘day maker’. Give compliments. Help people because you can. Be friendly, show kindness because maybe, that banter in the fruit and veg section might be the only conversation that person will have for the day.

Be a ‘day maker’.

Generosity in your intimate relationship can be as little as bringing water or tea to your loved one who is working on a project late at night, mowing the lawns or even reading a book quietly. Intimacy is cultivated with little and often gestures of generosity. And, a relationship built on generosity will create an intimate connection so strong that you willingly want to express it.

Intimacy is not just sex, but without intimacy, sex is just physical and not intimate.

In kindness and with pleasure in mind,

Wala xx


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