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There is a myth: Women want big dicks – the bigger, the better. However, granted, some size queens are out there only wanting 10" porn-cock, but if you ask me, most women I know like the man attached to the dick not to be a bigger dick than his actual dick. And some women flat-out refuse to be with Mr Hung Like a Donkey because it's painful more than pleasurable. So, do women actually want big dicks? Let's find it out now! 

  • Your size matters… to some degree.

No, I'm not saying "the bigger, the better". You can have pretty average sex with a big dick or fantastic sex with an average size one. I know which one I'd prefer. And, I think porn add unrealistic expectations when the average length of an erect penis is 5". Also, I've helped hundreds of men with ejaculation training, and a common concern is the size of a man's dick. Most of them are more than average in size, but men, too, have confidence issues (and women only want big dicks?) I think it's more critical about how you penetrate more than the size, but that's a whole different blog post.

  • What actually matters in the bedroom:

What women really, truly, deeply want is mind-blowing sex: The keyword is mind-blowing, which means good sex is beyond physical intimacy – it's also about being aligned with the heart, i.e., the emotional connection has to be genuine. That's exactly why oftentimes you can't have good sex without a good relationship. 

When women feel that you support them just as much outside the bedroom as you do inside the bedroom, they feel completely loved on every level. That makes sex so much better!

Junk-food sex (hook-ups) should be enjoyed more by some people who need to get back between the sheets and have some good adult fun, and others need to end junk-food sex to stop kidding themselves by telling themselves that they don't yearn for a deeper connection. 

  • No more boring sex:

To be honest, most people's biggest mistake when having sex is that they do it, but they don't know why they're doing it; they're just doing it because they think they should. So, if you only have an emotional connection, love and support in the bedroom, sex can become boring after a while.

As a result, you must access flavours!

Flavours bring variety, excitement and joy to everything you do in bed. Your ability to seamlessly choose to get out of your head and into your body by accessing flavours is the real game changer. You won't always need to buy the last whizz-bang adult toy or read 100 books about sex positions to enjoy flavours. Everything you need is right there in your body!

When you see the word "flavours", you may think about colourful condoms with different flavours. Yes, that can add some new elements to your sex life. Yet the fiercely wild to the subtle feminine sexual flavours are more than strawberry and pineapple condoms! Absolute sexual satisfaction is about the variety and styles you bring to the bedroom. Sexual expression comes easily for some women and not so much for others. So, those who would like to explore how to access a deeper sexual connection firstly with themselves without feeling fake or forced. You are encouraged to join The Available Woman online live coaching program, where I teach modern working women and business owners, busy or tired mums, how to savour flavours and bring in sexual satisfaction thoroughly.

By the way, if you are a guy reading this blog post and want to learn how to bring out flavours in your partner's current or future, please don't hesitate to contact me or book in for a 15-min chat.

In conclusion, it's not the size of the dick that matters it's how capable he is as a man to bring out all the flavours in a woman because she feels safe to express it so.

Keep smiling and stay cheeky.


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