If you feel like your relationship is on a rinse and repeat cycle then maybe it’s time to add some flavour by sparking new conversations, trying new things and having fun along the way.


Learning about sex and relationships should be fun, we recognized that there was a huge gap for people to find, improve or deepen new or existing relationships. We want to offer an array of options for people to explore and from a place of fun and investigation as opposed to counselling or therapies or ending a relationship that is fractured and not completely broken.


A healthy, successful and happy relationship consists of:

  • Communicating with Clarity;

  • Cultivating Erotic Friction;

  • Honouring your unique individuality;


Your relationship can go from confused and disconnected to loving and fulfilling, say yes exploring new skills!

Loving Couple

Online Coaching Program
Better Relationships and Better Sex


These sessions are designed for couples who want to add some new flavours in their intimacy.


You will be guided in learning to touch and connect – first and foremost with yourself – in a conscious and empowered way. From here, you will learn to create agreements with yourself and with your lover, if applicable, to access deeper levels of intimacy and expansiveness.


We are all looking for greater connection and intimacy.

  • But how do we get it?

  • Where do we start?

  • How much is our personal responsibility?

  • How much of the responsibility belongs to our partner?


We will be looking at all of these questions and you will come away with a greater connection to yourself and tools to practice increasing your sensitivity and relationship to pleasure – with or without a partner.


It all starts with feeling safe. When you are safe, you can make choices; when you can make choices, you are empowered.


Whether you've been together for what seems like a 100 years or use it's your first date, you won't be disappointed because we address all the aspects of creating a fabulous and fun relationship:

  • Communication;

  • Chemistry;

  • Touch and Affection;

  • Sexual and Sensual Connection;

I help couples who are confused about intimate relationships to have uncomfortable conversations to strengthen the relationship and deepen the sexual connection.


Magill, South Australia