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Embark on a journey to deepen intimacy and reignite the spark in your relationship. Tailored packages and convenient follow-up sessions, both in-person and online, are designed to enhance your love story.

(2.5hr Session - Magill)

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Encouraging a stronger connection and enriching your intimate bond. As we explore these concepts, you'll engage in morning experiential sessions, afternoon discussions, and evening activities that promise to be sensual and delightful.


This retreat covers essential steps to revitalize your relationship.

What You'll Experience:

  • Learn the essence of Tantra.

  • Strengthen your understanding of polarity.

  • Develop an open and supportive language to discuss intimacy, sex and pleasure.

  • Merge love and sex to keep the passion alive.

  • Explore the ecstasy and depths of sex.

  • Discover ways to pleasure each other for heightened arousal.

This retreat promises an immersive experience, free from nudity or self-disclosure.

Book early to enjoy flexible payment plans that suit your budget.

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