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"A long and repetitive conversation is very different to a candidly honest one!"

To avoid resentment, you need to encourage raw, and vulnerable discussions to ask for what you need, so that love and trust will develop.


"Living with someone who is selfless is just as hard as living with someone who is selfish"

Discovering who you are, dare to be bravely authentic, and feel empowered to have your own identity within a relationship while gifting your partner by asking for what you need both in and out of the bedroom.


"If you can't agree on the problem you'll never agree on the solution"

Embrace the various degrees of growth and change to evolve and strengthen your bond within your relationship and individually to prevent death by resentment.


"The spark is NOT sex, it's your ability to cultivate erotic friction or sexual tension"

Develop a curious attitude towards playfulness, deep intimacy and erotic flavours to keep the relationship spark alive and enhance passion.


"Tolerating or enduring ineffective touch techniques repels your partner's body from being open to truly receiving"

Learn the four distinct types of touch to increase arousal, expand and build erotic pleasures to deepen their sexual satisfaction with confidence.


"Know the difference between permission and support; you're in this together"

Recognise that disagreements are rich opportunities by understanding that your partner may have an unmet need that they cannot share with you yet.


The Elixir to
Sexual Attraction...

The reassuring news is that with a few learnable skills you can change your connection. I help people pinpoint the problems so that they can create a plan to make improvements, together!

"I was comforted by Wala's welcoming and jovial personality. I felt comfortable enough to ask a humiliating question and my vulnerability was immediately put at ease by the way Wala responded to me - I trust this chick."

K - Happily married mum of three
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