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Communicate Clearly.
Connect Passionately.
Love Deeply.

Get a clearer picture of your relationship dynamics, strengths, and areas for improvement, whether you're in a new relationship or a long-term partnership.

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Live Coaching Programs

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Lovers Masterclass

It's pointless to build a great house without a solid foundation. So, let's begin with the basics of what opens and closes our hearts and bodies.

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The Available Woman

Many women desire more intimacy, but often not in the ways they currently experience it. To make a change, start by getting out of your head

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Great sex begins with strong sexual attraction. Discover ways to deepen your connection and have honest conversations about sexual satisfaction.

For people who are gendered differently and identify as queer or LGBTQIA+, please note that majority of my clients are cisgender male/female dynamics; therefore, I predominantly use the words men/women and pronouns him/her/he/she.

Professional Endorsements

"Wala is the real deal – she knows her stuff better than most sexuality educators in Australia, and she has a wealth of experience. She’s grounded, and wise and she says it like it is. She guides her clients masterfully, helping them to become empowered in their lives and their relationships. She takes a stand for integrity and has a heart of gold. What she teaches is rock solid, and she has a better understanding of consent than anyone. If you want the best for your relationship, you need to work with the best. And that’s Wala."

International Female Pleasure Educator, founder of Embodied Female Pleasure™ and Orgasmic Confidence™

"I do not endorse teachers easily because I am not one to be easily impressed. However, if real is what you are after, real is what you are going to get with Wala. She doesn’t mix words and she is excellent at translating the whoo-whoo into relatable terms and comes from a place of lived experience. She's doesn't seek the spotlight, but that doesn't diminish her influence, as a teacher. Her knowledge and connections are not to be underestimated."

A renowned Professional Dominatrix for close to 30 years. Specialising in Impact Play, Sensory Deprivation, CBT, NT and Anal Play.

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