Bringing the fun and the funny to learning about sex and relationships!

I was comforted by Wala's welcoming and jovial personality. I felt comfortable enough to ask a humiliating question and my vulnerability was immediately put at ease by the way Wala responded to me. 
I could trust this chick.
K - 33
The session itself was an incredible eye-opener and made me think about things I do in my relationship that I’ve never considered, and now really want to. 
I honestly cannot recommend working with Wala enough. I cannot wait to continue.
N - 35

Yours Truly

My name is Wala Truscott.


A Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Intimacy and Attraction Facilitator supported with 15 years of experience with human sexual behaviour and alternative lifestyles.


But, I need to be straight up with you...


If you’re seeking Tantric s*x tips and tricks, or you think a Kundalini awakening is your answer, please read this blog article that I wrote in 2020.

You will be met with my well-grounded open-heart and my unapologetic cheeky sense of humour. However, I am also brutally honest. I don't do bullshit, cup-cake coaching nor will you be bamboozled with spiritual mumbo jumbo. My teachings are simple, thought-provoking, realistic and practical to the modern-day world.


I spent many years and an embarrassing amount of money on the high-peak experiences of the hippy whoo-whoo, the buzz-words and the empty spiritual promises that hyped-up me up with the sugar-rush of chips and chocolate.


There is enough crap in the world so allow me to nourish your relationships with the goodness of broccoli and green beans.

Real and Realistic

My Why...

I loved him, and wholeheartedly, however, I had no idea that love was 'not' enough - and I wanted to know 'why'!

For me, there was no, "let's work this out." There was no sticky conversation at the kitchen table with tears, tissues and a cup of tea. Or wine. There wasn't the opportunity to 'fix' what I didn't even know was broken. Nope. He called it. He was done. After 10 years in an open but committed relationship, there was someone else. I was told it was over, and I was told to deal with it. I was told to packed a suitcase, and I was dropped off at a friend's house, no car, no job, no family (raised his children full-time), nowhere to live, broken, broke, bewildered while experiencing pain that I never knew existed. 


For the first time in my life, I was alone, completely lost and fucking confused. My break-up was not only abrupt it was fucking brutal because I was completely blindsided. I thought I was going to take my last breath that man - I was wrong.

Now, I have proudly turned my painful experience into my passion to teach the importance and the integrity behind having those awkward but important conversations.

My Passion

As a professional, she's super chilled. You'll feel instantly relaxed and comfortable, ready to explore your deepest yearnings, sometimes uncovering surprising aspects of your sexual self you may have forgotten or not been aware were even missing.

Her years of experience makes her highly intuitive and with uncanny ability to identify what a client needs most is often a turning point for men and women alike, awakening newfound sexual confidence.

She's here to help you and teach the taboo topic of sex, pleasure and intimacy and to normalizes learning such skills, instead of waiting for a crisis.


We maintain so many other things in life...

For example:

Do you schedule your vehicle for a regular service to ensure everything mechanically runs smoothly and is safe? - Yes.

Do you see your dentist the recommended twice a year to keep your teeth healthy and well maintained? - Yes.

Do you encourage and support people who tell you they're learning a new language, instrument or signed up to the gym? - Yes.

Imagine if we had the same attitude towards learning about keeping your relationship well maintained and healthy.

The healthy of your intimate relationship is paramount - why wouldn't you want to know more?!

Over the years countless hours has been invested experiencing various modalities around the country and overseas connecting with world-renown teachers of the highest quality and will continue to be a student forever:


  • Certified Somatic Sex Educator (Institute of Somatic Sexology)

  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker (Institute of Somatic Sexology)

  • Certified Facilitator of The Wheel of Consent (Dr Betty Martin)

  • Certified Intimacy & Attraction Facilitator (Michaela Boehm & Steve James)

  • Certified Non-Linear Movement Method Teacher Training (Michaela Boehm & Steve James)

  • Certified Wild Woman's Circle Teacher Training (Michaela Boehm & Steve James)

  • Certified Level 5 Kahuna Bodywork & Massage (Mette Institute) 

  • Certified Urban Tantra Teacher (Barbara Carrellas)

  • Currently Completing Dip of Professional Counselling (AIPC)

Do Something Different

Your connection and happiness is paramount, why wouldn’t you want to learn more about deepening the love in your relationships?

I reached out for advice with my relationship and Wala gave me a whole new way of looking at things that I'd never considered. She was very easy to talk to and very accommodating.

~ Dallas ~

You couldn't meet a nicer person and Wala is extremely grounded, nurturing and with a beautiful soul. Thank you, you've completely transformed my world.

~ Kris ~

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