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For Parents with Teenagers

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As our children grow up and it's important they go on to have a healthy and happy intimate relationship, and they have to start somewhere. 

What they learn at school is the functionality of the anatomy and how to prevent pregnancy and STI. So, where are our children being really educated? Unfortunately, the answer is most probably 'p0rn' and an entertainment-based adult platform where consent 'ruins' the mood. Women never have a say, men do unspeakable things and it's two-dimensional and never-ending. P0rn is NOT a good source of keeping your children safe.

At this fragile stage in life, your children need to explore and learn but also keep themselves safe and not feel rushed or pressured, especially to mimic what they have seen in p0rn.

The number one thing that is going to keep your children safe is 'their voice' and knowing how to be heard by being able to set clear boundaries. People often mistake 'permission' as consent and knowing the difference is what will keep your children safe.

I will help parents and their teens have an open, honest, and sometimes awkward conversation so that teens can explore and enjoy sexuality while staying safe and building skills towards creating fulfilling intimate relationships as adults.

What I can help you as a parent do is:

  • Teach your child simple ways to be in control of what happens to their bodies;

  • Teach your child how, why and when to say no;

  • Teach your child how, why and when to say yes and still be in control of their safety so everyone understands the boundaries;


Wala Truscott is a Certified Sex Educator and Facilitator of The Wheel of Consent in  Adelaide, South Australia.
Scarleteen is a website that specifically provides sex and relationship information and support for young people worldwide aged between 15 - 30.
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