"The only regret I have about meeting Wala is that I didn’t meet her years ago."

"I am truly thankful for Wala as she has given me the tools and attitude to move on positively with my life, I am in the best place I have been for many years and can look forward to a much brighter intimate future"


"Thank you for our session, we both enjoyed your style and warmth"

"Wala is very knowledgeable when it comes to sex and relationships, both subjects I thought I knew about but turns out I knew very little."

"Her no-nonsense approach was refreshing."


"The course was well structured and I left each lesson learning more and feeling better, more positive and confident that I was on the right path."

"Excellent afternoon with like-minded people learning how to help our relationships be better. So grateful Wala for facilitating this intriguing workshop & biting at the bit for your next one."

"This event gave me so much insight into myself, and how I show up in my relationship, I truly couldn't recommend it enough! Wala is a fantastic instructor and has so much knowledge to share, her workshops will answer questions you didn't even know you had!"

"Wala is so passionate about creating a place where people can talk and ask questions, and she does so in a fun, safe way."

"I absolutely loved the workshop yesterday did what I learned last night we had SO much fun. He loved it so much, and it felt absolutely amazing for me too! Sex life game changer!"

"I 'Handled Him Like a Boss' last night and wowww! It felt so special and connected. I wish I knew this years ago. Thank you!!!! I am excited for more skills!"

"I had so many pennies dropped last night. I felt safer to communicate with him after that about my sexual desires and needs, HOT!!!!!!!!"

"The session itself was an incredible eye-opener and made me think about things I do in my relationship that I've never considered, and now really want to."

"Thanks for that incredible talk you did today. Mind blown!"

"Her no bs approach made it fun and insightful."