Get Curious


Private Sess

Like ordering a pizza, there are different elements in a relationship.  The RECIPE for building the tastiest, juiciest and most satisfying relationship means working on five different elements. 


Find out what part of the pizza needs improvement is how you figure out the ‘why’ you are confused within your relationship.


I mean, if you only ever knew about Hawaiian pizza, you’d never know the joy of spicy sausage (or even flip the base right over and try a calzone)! 


You’re definitely not alone. You’re expected to just ‘know’ everything about building an authentic relationship.


Many people haven’t been shown the relationship recipe to make it all make sense.

Do Something Different

Order Online

I’ve developed an online step-by-step system for building a meaningful and authentic relationship. 


Straight to the point (like me), it takes a few minutes and your willingness to make a change.

I’ll show you how to give that Hawaiian pizza a glow up with some basil and pepperoni (and maybe losing the pineapple).


Now THAT’s a spicy meatball!

Keeping it Real

I do need to be straight up with you – 


I’m not a spiritual solution.  And I’m NEVER going to ‘blame’ or ‘fix’ either you or your partner or take you on a spiritual journey into the cosmos.

I’m here to help you find that perfect recipe for your relationship.

If you like it straight up without rolling it in glitter - we can work together to make real and realistic changes using real and realistic language (including the f-bomb).

Make Change

Remember: Online coaching is cheaper than a divorce.


Hiring a coach is the best way to invest in your relationship and avoid potential break up. I’m telling you, you don’t need to be a divorce statistic.


Choose to make a change and let me help you explore your relationship - making the choice to be truly happy with your love life. 


Or don’t - and see how long you can tolerate pineapple on your pizza.