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Sexual Attraction - Erotic Friction - Authentic Conversations



"I have learnt so much and enjoyed every minute, who would have thought a pizza could mean so much.

Thank you!"


"What you have gifted me is the knowledge to truly ask and really appreciate receiving like deep into my sole appreciate."


"Wala tells it straight. She is experienced, passionate and open to free-flowing conversation with no BS or sugar!!"

From this to that....


3 - Problems

  • Experiencing Confusion;

  • Feeling Stuck or Unhappy;

  • Lack Desire;

3 - Outcomes

  • Simplify Relationships;

  • Improve Connection;

  • Sexual Confidence;

There's NO fancy-shmancy sales page here, just a direct letter from me to you.


I have a program called CHEMISTRY. I like to create things in a REAL and practical environment...even though they're ultimately going to be a digital product, it's better to use real situations than theoretical ones.

We all learn differently and I totally respect that and I've made considerations for those who like to keep to themselves too. But, the outcome is simple: REFRESH AND REVIEW RELATIONSHIPS.

There is NO BULLSHIT included. Relationships are hard enough so let's cut the crap!


Short, sharp and straightforward guidance on how and why relationships either deepen or dwindle. I’ll give you everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. We're ALL sick of being online so I have deliberately designed this program for people who prefer 'high intensity' and 'short duration'.


Whether you're time-poor or a binge-watcher, this course is SELF-PACED and we all come from a different set of circumstances so each person learning will be UNIQUE for them. You will be getting the content of a 6-modules course in a concentrated format because the program is to highlight what needs to change, so why dilly dally!

The Six Modules We Cover...


First, let's deal straight up with problem #1 EXPERIENCING CONFUSION


Confusion is created when you can’t pinpoint the problem because you’ll never be able to pinpoint the solution. With easy to digest lessons on how and why relationships either deepen or dwindle so that you can get clarity and get clear on what needs your attention.


Relationships can seem complex and complicated and I'd like to change that by SIMPLIFYING RELATIONSHIPS with 2 crucial steps.

IDENTIFY THE 5 ELEMENTS- once you understand the dynamics of the 5 pillars of a relationship, you’ll be able to investigate what area isn’t working and put a plan in place. 

Next, we get you to MAKING CHANGES - a common mistake that people do is they try to fix a sexual connection issue with relational solutions or a relational issue with sex - neither of them works and you’ll learn why! Or they try and fix the relationship, as a whole. Which can feel like you're digging a hole with a teaspoon!

The result?


Once you understand the different pillars, then you'll be 100% confident that when issues arise, and they will, you’ll be able to come to a resolution so that both people feel heard, valued and appreciated.

This kind of confidence will make communication in relationships night and day different for you.

The next topics we'll cover...


Let's Solve Problem #2 FEELING UNHAPPY OR STUCK.

You love your partner, but something isn’t working and you’re unhappy but you blame yourself or you’ve tried everything but nothing changes. Luckily there's a better way, and that is by being able to UNDERSTAND CONNECTION.


I will teach you a method for EFFECTIVE CONVERSATIONS - have you ever experienced the never-ending conversation, you know the one that just keeps popping up again, and again. There’s a reason for this and I’ll show you how to safely have conversations where BOTH people feel heard, valued and appreciated.

CREATE CONNECTION - So, why do intimate connections become misaligned? At no fault of your own, you’ve been lied to on what relationships should look like but I will give you the truth designed specifically for you and no one else.

And, onto the juicy stuff...


Final problem #3 for intimate relationships is (surprise surprise...) THE LACK OF INTIMACY OR DESIRE.


When intimacy is off there’s a huge void in the relationship. It’s a myth that sexual chemistry is something that happens naturally, it doesn’t there are principles behind how erotic friction is cultivated. Frankly, this is where the fun begins...winky face!


Let’s have some SEXUAL CONFIDENCE and turn up the Oh lah lah and the cheeky smiles.


BUILD SEXUAL ATTRACTION - With a few insights into how to cultivate erotic friction to ‘keep the spark alive,’ you’ll be able to understand how and what decreases sexual attraction.

CULTIVATE CHEMISTRY - If you would like to enjoy sex and all of the flirty flavours, then it’s important to be conscious of creating sexual tension so that sexual satisfaction is experienced.

A big problem is how to initiate and invite sexual connection and if it's in a way that is BRUTAL, BRATTY or BARE MINIMUM and this approach can be more of a turn off than a turn on.

Choose to Change Your Relationship


If you want your relationship to change you need to change relationship.

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your relationship, and my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the big I need that for your situation we'll be able to spend more time on that one with you and get you CLEAR.

This program is called CHEMISTRY, because that's the relationship I want you to have... one that is loving, supportive, fun and sexy fun with your current or future partner.  It breaks my heart when relationships end that are merely fractured but NOT BROKEN so with a few tweaks dramatic changes can start happening just by having new conversations.

MockUp (3).png

Love, Sex and Relationships


  • Modules - high intensity, short duration - without any BS;

  • Video Lessons - short and easy to digest pre-videos;

  • Lifetime Access - to material, modules and lessons;

  • Bonus Modules - as course material expands;

  • Live Q & A's - 10 complimentary sessions;

For right now, I just need to know if you can join us and I'll get you all the details - let's chat.

I'd love to help you!

Talk soon!

Make a Choice to Make a Change


Relationships Myths and Mistakes
Self-paced Online Program
10 x Live Q & A's

(AUD) $997




"This course is a journey of self-discovery I didn't know I needed!!

If you're looking to deepen or understand the importance of how you show up in a relationship, anything Wala offers is worth exploring."


"Wala has opened my eyes and mind to all aspects of relationships, most importantly communication and learning how to ask for what I want and need.

And, seeing that as a gift, not a burden.



"I love the course because Wala uses analogies that make sense and are relatable. She's able to uncomplicate the complexities of a relationship, and she makes things clear and easily understood.

I loved it"


Designed for the dating, divorced
and couples who are devoted

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Still undecided?

Let's have a chat...I want to answer your questions.


Relationships Myths and Mistakes
Self-paced Online Program
10 x Live Q & A's

(AUD) $997


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