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Behind the Locked Door

Dare To Go Deeper

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Are you are ready and wanting more?!

Now, that we’re feeling a little settled, we can flirt with the idea and dare to go deeper with some insight into darker desires.


Behind The Locked Door is still education and exploratory based to cultivate embodied sensitivity. This a play space to learn and to connect with others through an open heart by practising to ask for what you want and having your boundaries be honoured and respected.


Dare to Go Deeper!

Let's Play

This is for members-only as all participants have attended The Wheel of Consent (workshops name).

Attendees will have the skills to clearly and cleanly communicate your boundaries and the ability to give a full 'f*ck yes' style of consent. Which, in turn, will create safety to explore and play more with other consenting adults for the sake of practice.

As always - you're in total control how what you want to explore.

​What will you find 'Behind The Locked Door'?

  • Adult Social and Risque Events;

  • Erotic Massage Workshops;

  • Rope Play Workshops;

  • Role Play Workshops;

  • Date Nights - Practice Evenings;

  • Dark Desires/Kink Play Workshops;

With some guided practices we will explore how to create a safe container to explore through the body where we play with expression, asking for what we want and playing with flavours and learning more skills.

Workshop rules and guidelines will apply.

Members Only

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