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Visit our studio in Magill, South Australia.



Experience deep healing, release, and empowerment through our Vulva Healing sessions. In this safe and sacred space, we combine yoni/vulva massage with sensory techniques to awaken your senses and foster a profound connection with your sexuality and spirituality.

As a skilled practitioner I am here to guide you on a transformative journey of letting go of emotional, physical, and psychological limitations. Together, we'll address beliefs, guilt, shame, and embarrassment, creating space for healing and growth.

The benefits of this powerful practice, extended sessions are recommended. Invest in yourself and prioritize your healing journey with our transformative Vulva Healing sessions.



"Wala nurtured my heart, she spent time listening and helped me discover things about myself that I didn't even realise was a thing. She allowed a safe space to be heard, to process and to guide me. Thank you Wala so much"

"I have been dealing with sexual anxiety and performance for many years and sex it’s not an easy subject to open up about. But with Wala she made me feel comfortable straight away with her warm, funny and comforting nature."

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