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These sessions are for men, women and couples who are curious to grow and expand their sexual capacities.

Sexological bodyworkers are trained in anatomy, physiology, and the nervous system, and they focus on learning touch, as well as identifying erotic energy – how you help people feel it, and understand things like arousal patterns and how to connect people with their bodies, help them get back into them and feel sensation.

For bodywork sessions the studio is located in Magill, South Australia



Yoni/Vulva Massage is a sacred ritual, an act of worship. It is an experience of healing, release, awakening, empowering, expansion and transcendence. And pleasure. Deep pleasure is often a path to heightened states of consciousness that allows you to experience the unity of sexuality and spirituality.

This is where the healing begins. Healing the hurts of the past, the abuse, the frustrations, the disappointments, the unfulfilled expectations. Tissue that should be alive, awake and so sensitive is numb, tender or painful.

The release of so much, emotional, physical, psychological. Beliefs, limitations, withholds, lies, guilt, shame, embarrassment...

Extended sessions are required.


"Wala nurtured my heart, she spent time listening and helped me discover things about myself that I didn't even realise was a thing. She allowed a safe space to be heard, to process and to guide me. Thank you Wala so much"

"I have been dealing with sexual anxiety and performance for many years and sex it’s not an easy subject to open up about. But with Wala she made me feel comfortable straight away with her warm, funny and comforting nature."

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For men who are frustrated with their sex lives, especially with ejaculation issues.


  • Have you ever wondered why you ejaculate too quickly?

  • Would you like to manage premature ejaculation?

  • What about delayed ejaculation? 


After working in the sex and relationship education industry for many years, I’ve developed an Ejaculation Training program for men who are looking for practical and powerful solutions.​​


"I just had a bodywork session and I can highly recommend it, Wala is amazing, her insights are simple and she teaches in a down to earth and a very helpful, funny and cheeky manner"

"She's extremely well grounded, nurturing, kind, classy, understanding, encouraging and possesses a great sense of humour,  you've transformed my world"

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