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Private Coaching for Men (The Free Man)

Zoom/Phone Online

  • 45 minutes
  • Location 1

Service Description

PRIVATE COACHING FOR MEN This is NOT an in person session and a 15-min consultation is required before application request can be submitted. Ready to fast-track your journey to better relationships and better sex? Private coaching sessions for men are tailored to cover various topics aimed at achieving specific desired outcomes. While there's a basic structure in place, I understand that each client is unique, so sessions are customised based on your needs, desires, and goals. Privacy intimacy coaching includes practical practices and discussion. You can release performance anxiety and intimacy fears, stepping into your power as a skilled and enduring lover. My coaching programs are modern and applicable, focusing on results without the complexities of therapy or Tantric mumbo-jumbo. Men seek my guidance for various reasons, whether it's to: * Ejaculations training. * Understanding what women want. * High-quality sex comprehension. * Porn addiction. * Enhance clarity, purpose, and masculine drive. * Reconnect with their body's sensitivity and arousal. * Rewire mind and body for natural arousal. * Cultivate more profound connection and attraction with their partner. * Achieve arousal and libido without relying on external stimuli. * Embrace relaxation and pleasure with ease. * Release emotions, unblock energy, and work through trauma. * Overcome limiting thought patterns that hinder progress. * Embark on a conscious spiritual awakening. You can choose either 5 or 10-session packages. Let's begin this journey together if you're ready to experience the confidence you deserve.

Contact Details

  • Adelaide SA, Australia

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