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These sessions are for individuals who want or couples who are in a healthy relationship but may be experiencing sexual misalignment or confused.

If you prefer in-person sessions, our office is conveniently located in

Magill, South Australia.

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Are you feeling like your sex life is lacking or just not satisfying? Whether you're in a long-term relationship with little to no sex or you're looking to improve your future sexual encounters, a private session with me can help you achieve your desired goals.

During our session, we can cover a range of topics such as: 

  • increasing sexual attraction;

  • cultivating erotic friction or sexual tension;

  • gaining sexual confidence;

  • adding flavours into the bedroom;

  • creating the spark;

  • learning what opens and closes a person's body;

We offer an initial consultation that is a minimum of three hours, during which we'll discuss your goals, concerns, and desires related to sex and relationships. Follow-up appointments are available for ongoing support as you work towards achieving your goals.

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These sessions are people who are curious to grow and expand their sexual capacities.

Somatic Sex Educators, at its core, is an educational approach that helps you understand and unlock the potential of your body. Through Sexological Bodywork, you can delve into the narratives, obstacles, pleasures, and desires that shape you, and learn how to fully embrace and embody your physical self.


Visit our studio in Magill, South Australia.



Experience deep healing, release, and empowerment through our Vulva Healing sessions. In this safe and sacred space, we combine yoni/vulva massage with sensory techniques to awaken your senses and foster a profound connection with your sexuality and spirituality.

As a skilled practitioner I am here to guide you on a transformative journey of letting go of emotional, physical, and psychological limitations. Together, we'll address beliefs, guilt, shame, and embarrassment, creating space for healing and growth.

the benefits of this powerful practice, extended sessions are recommended. Invest in yourself and prioritize your healing journey with our transformative Vulva Healing sessions.


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If you are a man struggling with ejaculation issues, you're not alone, which can be frustrating and even affect your confidence in the bedroom.

Drawing on years of experience in the sex and relationship education industry, I've developed practical and powerful solutions that can help you take control of your sex life and get your confidence back.

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed or frustrated during sex? 

Do you want to learn techniques to manage your ejaculation and enhance your pleasure? If so, my Ejaculation Training sessions could be the answer you've been looking for.


"I just had a bodywork session and I can highly recommend it, Wala is amazing, her insights are simple and she teaches in a down to earth and a very helpful, funny and cheeky manner"

"She's extremely well grounded, nurturing, kind, classy, understanding, encouraging and possesses a great sense of humour,  you've transformed my world"

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