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These sessions are for individuals who want or couples who are in a healthy relationship but may be experiencing sexual misalignment or confused.

If you prefer in-person sessions, our office is conveniently located in

Magill, South Australia.

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Are you feeling like your sex life is lacking or just not satisfying? Whether you're in a long-term relationship with little to no sex or you're looking to improve your future sexual encounters, a private session with me can help you achieve your desired goals.

During our session, we can cover a range of topics such as: 

  • increasing sexual attraction;

  • cultivating erotic friction or sexual tension;

  • gaining sexual confidence;

  • adding flavours into the bedroom;

  • creating the spark;

  • learning what opens and closes a person's body;

We offer an initial consultation that is a minimum of three hours, during which we'll discuss your goals, concerns, and desires related to sex and relationships. Follow-up appointments are available for ongoing support as you work towards achieving your goals.


"The session was an incredible eye-opener and made me think about things I do in my relationship that I've never considered, and now really want to. I honestly cannot recommend working with Wala enough. I cannot wait to continue."

(married with three young children)

"Wala was warm and welcoming, honest and understanding/empathetic to both of us and direct and open which was great. She was able to articulate what we were feeling/experiencing so well and guide us to why we are feeling that way and we could see a pathway out from the circular discussions we had been having which had got us nowhere!"

(married for 25 years with teenagers)

"Wow, what a difference a week makes. Our dynamics have changed since we last saw you last week. It was clever how you went about it; magically, your healing balm somehow touched all those spots. I could do with being around you for weeks to sort out my mind...LOL!"
(married for 20 years) 

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