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(By application only)

So, groups aren't your thing - that's ok!

As men, I understand that you do your best with the knowledge and understanding you have at any given moment. But imagine the possibilities when you have access to even greater wisdom and insights.
With our personalised coaching sessions, specifically designed for your individual needs, you can tap into a new level of pleasure, intimacy, and attraction. Gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to create the fulfilling relationships and sensational sex life you desir



"Within the first 5-mins Wala settled a repetitive argument that we had in a way that had us both laughing, we are hooked she's a breath of fresh air"


"It was refreshing to openly discuss all aspects of relationships including the sexy bits in a open grounded and practical way I’m feeling way more comfortable and confident in my own sexuality and how I bring that to play"


"After years of counselling finally someone who is real and will give it to you straight"


"I want to thank you for changing the course of our lives. You are an amazing person with a very special gift and even though I was very scared when I was told ,y husband was bringing me to see you, I am so glad that I did, we're more in love now than when we first got married."


"I am truly thankful for Wala as she has given me the tools and attitude to move on positively with my life, I am in the best place I have been for many years and can look forward to a much brighter intimate future."



"The only regret I have about meeting Wala is that I didn’t meet her years ago. So if you are having issues, I highly recommend you reach out to Wala to start your own journey back"


"Everyone needs to see a Wala, her knowledge is so deeply fascinating and addictive"

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