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As women, we can sometimes struggle to meet the modern day expectation of what we can do and should be able to do. We juggle life, work, a home, a social life and commitments while trying to keep the hairs on our legs under control (if that’s your preference). We can often get stuck on the merry-go-round of being everything to everyone which leaves us feeling numb, shut down and unable to know what we want or how we feel.

As a result, we quite often find it hard to get your sexy on - even though we want to. We know something’s not right - but we don’t know what it is and we don’t know how to fix it.

The good news is that you do not need to fix anything. You may just need some guidance to reintroduce yourself back to feeling what you’re feeling in your body and your heart and this is done with practices and exercises designed for women’s bodies.

What is an Available Woman?

The Available Woman has the ability to be in both the productive on task ‘let's get shit done’ mode while being just as available as a woman who ‘embraces her softness’ and sees the power in her sensuality, her bigheartedness and her ability to receive.

We’re bombarded and being fooled by the beauty industry and the products that promise ‘shine’ but this is superficial shine. Glossy hair, polished nails and the perfectly groomed eyebrows cannot compare to a woman who is fully open in her soft heart and feels warmth and joy moving through her body.

How do you access availability?!

With guidance there are simple, doable and easy practices will gently and lovingly reintroduce yourself back to sensation within your body that is authentic to you. This is not about stripper moves, glass slippers or a short skirt - this is about simple embodiment practices that will reconnect to what you’re actually feeling and it can be done anywhere, anytime and no one will even know. The connection we have with our body will give us an insight into who we are, what we’re feeling, what we want and it will sharpen our intuition as a woman which in turn, makes you more ‘available’ as a woman.

As women, our sensuality and sexuality have the power to be a gateway to our essential feminine nature, to nourish our hearts, bodies and souls like nothing else, but sometimes we forget how.

Filling and feeling your heart and your body is the key to being available, as a full and juicy woman.

How available are you, as a whole heart fully expressed sexual woman?!


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