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Teaching people about s-x, intimacy and relationships? Surely that means that nudity, screaming orgasms and dildo’s must be everrrrrrrywhere! *eyeroll* Where people’s minds go is frankly quite amusing. But then, cue confusion, fear and that ‘wtf’ expression as the following questions start spewing out: * Do I/we have to be naked? * Are people having s-x? * How do you teach people how to have s-x, do you watch them? I do love your enthusiasm *wink*....but in a workshop, the answer is no!

Lovers Masterclass certainly does cover all basis of creating super-sexy relationships and this does mean that 3rotic pleasures are also included. And so they should be! However, this may be a HUGE surprise to a lot of you but nudity or sexually explicit touching is absolutely not necessary when exploring the three foundational elements of creating a healthy and satisfying relationship *gasp*To put your whirring mind at ease, let me clarify for you, what you can expect when attending events:

The Communication Element - This two day event clearly defines the 4 different ways to touch. This is taught through practices involving objects (yet not a dildo in sight *wink*) There are sharing exercises (verbal) and partner exercises that may involve the touching of body, just hands and/or feet (with consent). No one is required to participate in any exercises as learning can certainly happen sitting in your own space and thoughts.

Giving & Receiving/Asking & Listening This 2-day event is a game changer in life, love and all things relating*

The Chemistry Element - The Intimacy and Attraction Evening is an interactive ‘practice’ evening. Again, you’re fully clothed and there is NO sexually explicit touching. You will most definitely gain A LOT from attending and will most certainly leave asking yourself questions about ‘yourself’ and how you create and cultivate 3rotic friction in relationship. There will also be pleasure/play workshops on offer for those who would like to learn some new ‘skills’ for the bedroom. Let’s be real here: we’re not taught how to pleasure and I most certainly get A LOT of heart-felt pleasure helping people gain confidence in their intimate relationships. And the most 3rotic thing you’ll have to touch in these workshops, you can buy for around $2 from the cheap shop....(intriguing no? *grin*).

The Clarity Element - The more connected you are to yourself, your body, how you feel, how you express what you’re feeling and how in tune you are to sensations will in turn relate to how you connect with your partner. If you feel that you have lost who you are and what you truly feel, these offerings are beautifully gentle, super clean investigations into ‘yourself’. For some, emotions will flow, it may even feel like a flood but we promise to support you through this by providing you with a space that is full of love, understanding and kindness.

The Connection Element - We all do the best we can with what we know when it comes to touch. You replicate what you see on the movies, porn and on TV. Touch is a skill and can be taught and quite easily. The connection element is also about how receptive your body is to pleasure we play and explore embodiment practices to relax and nervous system and wide the capacity to receive.

In summary...

Our events are based on self-investigation and personal practices. If you were looking into learning a language or an instrument, there would be none of the questionable hesitation or weirdness on what is involved. However, because we’re peeping into the world of people, intimate relationships and bedrooms, minds have a bad habit of going straight to dirty minded thoughts *which is actually a reflection on you, not me * What I want to draw your mind to instead is that, your relationships and the loving connection you have with this person is paramount, so the questions to you is: Why wouldn’t you want to learn more?!

And, if you think you don’t need to learn anymore and you’ve got this sorted ‘you probably need it the most’!!!!

I also understand that groups are not everyone’s ‘thing’, so you’re interested but hesitant. To remove the blockage of self-discovery and the discomfort that you may feel in a group, I offer private one on one (or more) sessions. Just PM me to arrange a conversation. So no. When I do what I do and teaching in a group setting, people are not naked and nor are they having s-x (or I’m watching for that matter *lol*) but don’t take my word for it.... *winky face and cheeky grins *

Wala xx


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