Lovers Masterclass Online

How can I teach you online?!


I am one of those people where if we talk long enough I share things that will either frighten you or intrigue you, either way, it is those things that have given me the capacity to guide you to safely through your sexual exploration. 

With over 20 years of experience studying and exploring human sexuality, pleasure, connection, emotions and relationships, the depth of my experience will never be in any textbook.

It's the combination of wanting to improve sex education and experiencing heartbreak that has to lead me to create this online course.

For some bizarre reason as humans, we're magically expected to know how intimacy, sex and pleasuring works. We have no hesitation of reaching out to a professional to learn. Whether you're learning to play an instrument, a language or how to paint - you engage with someone who can guide you and with practice you will become confident and better at your craft, sex and intimacy is the same. 

This online platform will give you the insight to having the skills to be able to understand yourself and how you relate to relationships, your body and your partner's body and honestly share that with another.

Like with anything worthwhile, if we want to improve, we need to start somewhere, and we need to invest in it. We need to be exposed to new information, learn it, practice it while allowing patience and time to explore it.

You must want to change, or we wouldn't be here. So, you have two choices, you can keep doing what you're doing, or you can choose to do something different.

Lovers Masterclass Online is your first step to more authentic and genuine connections in your relationships past, present or future.

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