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"I'm recently a single woman in my late 50's and contemplating dating. Intimacy was something lacking in my previous relationship. As I move forward, I'm keen to break past patterns and have better healthier relationships in the future.

My girlfriend and I decided to attend one of Wala's group workshop on intimacy, WOW! Wala shattered my preconceptions around what it is that she teaches. This is a very valid therapy, and her approach is professional and respectful.

I was nervously expecting hot moves and techniques to seduce a man and make him beg for more. That's not what she'll give y'all! What I got was practical, down to earth honest advice on how to ask for what I want, how to experience and express pleasure, how to ensure relationships involving intimacy are consensual and safe (emotionally and physically) and a whole shitload of advice around communication.

Wala was down to earth, practical with a fair dollop of funny. As a presenter, she was well organised, professional and engaging. She managed group dynamics well, and all participants felt comfortable to explore and express freely, and the group were women aged from 15 to 50+ with very diverse lived experiences. I felt respected, and I am confident we all got a lot from Wala.

I enjoyed the session so much and found it so useful I booked a private 1 on 1 session with her.

It was refreshing to openly discuss all aspects of relationships, including the sexy bits in a well-grounded and practical way. I'm feeling comfortable and confident in my own sexuality and how I bring that to into play.

Wala certainly isn't about stripper moves and hot sex tips and techniques. But if you want to feel comfortable, respectful and fully in your feminine or masculine vibration, if you intend to have a healthy relationship with yourself and someone else including all the luscious, juicy bits - go see Wala!"

Wendy - 58F

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