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What if you knew that inside you already is a wild, insatiable, powerful, yet gentlewoman… but she hides in the background.
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11 Apr, 10:45 am – 4:00 pm, Adelaide SA, Australia

About the Event

The Available Woman - Level 2

  • Is your heart open?
  • Do you express love fiercely?
  • Are you honouring the power of your softness?

What if you knew that inside you already is a wild, insatiable, powerful, yet gentlewoman. But she hides in the background, desperately yearning to be seen openly, honestly and authentically.

You can and do have the power to be the sexy, complete woman you have always wanted to be. Yes, sometimes she feels tired, second-best, and is disguised with hair in a pony-tail, wearing yoga pants, and unashamedly watching 'The MAFS' under a Nanna blanket with a cup of tea…

  • Are you attracting the partner you desire? 
  • Are you having the sex your body craves? 
  • Are you living and loving to your deepest desires?

The woman you want to be is there, so give her permission to shine and bring her to the forefront – sometimes we need some gentle guidance on how to open our hearts, our minds and our bodies. The reality is that there is available pleasure in your body, and it's just waiting to be turned on – literally!

Sometimes we know we are closed off and probably not as available as we want to be.  However, with some self-permission, self-practices, willingness, and awareness of how to truly realise the power of softness of feminine energy, yet still owning and honouring the on-task masculine energy. There's a subtle dance between the two that, once learned, can flow seamlessly.

Attending workshops about sexuality can be nerve-wracking and frightening. The benefits and empowerment will be felt immediately when you choose to trust yourself and say 'yes' to what you want.

Come and reclaim your 'sexy' by honouring your erotic power as a woman.

The Available Woman Level 2 is a day of unique embodiment practice that uses practices & movement to reconnect you from your day to day task and back into your body. We will release the pressures of all that life throws at you, learn how to experience more profound levels of pleasure, and unpack social conditions and media unrealistic expectations - you are enough.

This 1-day offering is suitable for all women of all ages, of all sizes, of all marital statuses. If you have a heartbeat and identify as a woman, we will warmly welcome you.

Registration is Closed

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