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Transform confusion into confidence and be a better lover in 6-weeks!

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The Free Man 6-week Online Coaching Program

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I have been studying sexuality intensely for nearly 8 years, and I am offering this 'pilot programme' at a reduced rate so that I can teach you and learn from you at the same time.

Be a better lover in 6-weeks -  (DATE TO BE ADVISED)

As a man, you are entitled to a fulfilling relationship and sexual pleasure. Pleasure is everyone's birthright, but how do we get it?!

In reality, many men crave intimacy, feel confused and feel powerless to make it better, so there is more struggle than the strength within their relationships.

If you're confused, this can weigh you down by affecting your day to day tasks as a man, a father, a lover, a friend and who you want to be in life.

And the two biggest mistakes men make are:

1) Priding themselves on being laid-back and easy-going;

2) They don't know how to cultivate erotic friction.

These two things alone mean sexual satisfaction is not guaranteed.

A s*x specialist from Sydney once said, "Most people are sexually dysfunctional." We all do the best we can with what we know, and if you're relying on what worked previously, p0rn or your education you received at school - well, good luck with that, and if you think you've got this part of your life sorted, YOU PROBABLY NEED THIS THE MOST!

In 6 short weeks, I can help you turn struggle into a strength by addressing these two mistakes and guiding you to be CONFIDENT, feeling POWERFUL by understanding how to CULTIVATE CHEMISTRY.

The topics we will play with are: 

1) Lead and Following;

2) Go and Flow Mode;

3) Integrity and Trust;

4) What is sexy?;

5) Desired and Desires;

6) Orgasms.

The Free Man is a six-week program in which I will teach you exactly how to refine your skills in the bedroom. If you think you are ready to upgrade your s*x life in 2021, now it's the right time to take action and revolutionise what you do in bed forever.

The Free Man is a s*x and relationship program for men looking to improve their bed techniques. Please click here to join this program.

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