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To Be Confirmed, South Australia, Australia

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Women's Sexual Empowerment Retreat - Coming Soon

As women, our sensuality and sexuality have the power to be a gateway to our essential feminine nature, to nourish our hearts, bodies and souls like nothing else!

The sexually empowered woman genuinely loves and honours her body, which is increasingly rare in our culture. For one, the multi-million dollar beauty industry is built on persuading women that they need something more. And much pornography, which is now so rife, gives an extremely narrow view of what a woman's body, sex and genitals are meant to look like for her to be desirable. As a result of these things and many other culturally conditioned beliefs, so many women experience shame around their bodies. How does one love sex without loving one's own body!

An empowered woman uses her voice to work for herself and her relationships. With sex and sexuality being the taboo topic that it has been in our society, many women remain uncertain about aspects of their sexuality and question whether it's okay to own their desires and pleasure! So in our sex lives, many of us women still need to find our voice, speak up about our feelings, and ask for what we want…

An empowered, available woman knows how to receive. Many, many women live lives focused on the 'other' - putting the needs of their families, husbands/partners, children and careers before their own needs and interests. The fact is that the feminine is the receptive energetic pole, but so many women have difficulty allowing themselves to be just that, to receive fully…

This woman we are describing also claims her erotic power. Thankfully, there have been many changes in our culture and society for the better. There is room for progress, though, for we live in a world that could do still more to embrace and explore the wonders of human sexuality. In everyday life, the subject of our sexuality, though frequently referred to, is seldom spoken about in an empowering way.

However, Wala's can make changes; it is always possible to move from stuck-ness to flow, from dried-up to juiced-up; and from disinterested, ashamed and afraid to turned-on! It is absolutely within every healthy woman's power to live in a world where her sexuality is embraced, and she feels utterly in love with life. All that is required is her awareness and the willingness to drop back into her feminine body's flow in a safe and supportive environment.

Such a transformational leap out of old ways of being and thinking can seem beyond grasp. Most women come to The Erotic Woman Retreat, feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed with nervousness. But there is a power in showing up just as you are with any resistance and fears.

Come and reclaim your 'sexy' by honouring your erotic power as a woman!

This workshop is for women only.

As you take part, you will be in a better position to:

* Gain a deeper understanding of sexuality and the power of the masculine/feminine polarity within yourself and intimate relationships;

* Step outside your comfort zone and connect fully with all aspects of your primal essence in a very safe and supportive environment;

* Create heartfelt friendships with other women as you begin to appreciate the incredible beauty in all women and recognise it in yourself;

* Transcend old paradigms of competition, judgement and comparison;

* Learn simple embodiment practices to reach deep relaxation in, and connection with, your body;

Applications are now open to attend The Available Erotic Retreat. 


* We will be holding this in South Australia;

* Previously attended The Available Woman Level 1 & 2 is recommended but not essential;

* Numbers are limited;

* Payment plans are available;

* 18+ age;

* No alcohol or drugs;

* Catering inclusive;

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