The Wheel of Consent


The Wheel Of Consent allows you to understand the crucial part of any exchange and it will enable you to answer this critical question:

  • Are you acting on your desire?

  • Or are you putting your desire aside?

In every interaction, one person will be giving, and one person will be receiving. When both people understand and have clarity around 'who is it for' this is what creates satisfaction for both people.


Learn how to communicate both cleanly and clearly and have your requests heard with compassion and with clarity.

Let me teach you why choosing is more important being easy-going by:

  • Noticing - what you feel;

  • Trusting - what you want;

  • Valuing - your needs;

  • Communicating - what you enjoy;

The communication event is a game-changer in life, love and relationships.

Engineered and created by Dr Betty Martin at The School of Consent.

Giving and Receiving

Asking and Listening

When you experience an exchange which feels uncomfortable, it’s very likely because:

  • You might be in a ‘muddy zone’ of communication without one or either of you having clarity on what you do want;

  • Ever found yourself wondering how you got yourself into a situation and  you don't know how to get out of it;

Being able to determine who is giving and who is receiving, then you can create clarity around the agreement.

Don't Guess

When a need, want or desire has been asked for it is only when your partner listens from a place of compassion and support that creates safety around how vulnerable and open we can truly be with each other. 

We are in intimate relationships to get our needs met, however, it is common for both people to feel that they the ones who 'give'. So the question is if both are giving then 'who is receiving?'.

If you're guessing what your partner wants then you'll quite often get it wrong. Learn how to get it right!

the Four Quadrants

Are you a people-pleaser, over-giver, feel burnt-out or under-appreciated?
Do you often just go along with things just to be polite and keep the peace?
Quite often being easy-going, cruisey and laid back isn't helping for your relationship
The 'taking' quadrant is the key to deliciously hot and sexy encounters (ohh lah lah)