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We have intentionally chosen to host our retreats in South Australia to support local accommodations, caterers, and facilitators and provide peace of mind for parents. 

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Discover your inner feminine power and embrace your sexuality at our upcoming The Erotic Woman Retreat. This retreat offers a safe and supportive space for women to reclaim their sensual selves in a culture that often breeds shame and self-doubt.


This transformative journey where you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of sexuality and the power of feminine energy.

  • Embrace all aspects of your sensual being.

  • Forge meaningful connections with other women.

  • Celebrating the beauty and uniqueness within each individual.

  • Learn simple embodiment practices to relax and reconnect with your body.

Be part of this empowering experience and unleash your erotic power as a woman!

Women of all ages, races, shapes, sizes, marital statuses, professions, and motherhood statuses are welcome. It is important to note that there is no nudity or sexually explicit touching involved in the practices, and you always have the freedom to choose your level of participation.


By application only, spaces are limited, so register your interest.

Payment plans are available.



Discover this transformative couples retreat designed to bring clarity, ease, and fulfilment to your relationship. 

  • Get clear on how to communicate.

  • Cultivate erotic friction.

  • Investigate desires.

  • Touch with integrity.

  • Embrace all the flavours.


This clothes-on retreat is where say goodbye to rinse and repeat cycles and welcome all the flavour  by choosing to create a relationship founded on clarity, erotic friction, and honouring your unique individuality.

The selected exercises are tailored to emphasise polarity, building sexual tension and deepening intimacy. As a result, it has been specifically designed with male and female partners in mind. 

By application only, spaces are limited, so register your interest.

Payment plants are available.

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